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Barcelona News & Spain News - "Noticias de Barcelona" - News from Barcelona Spain
 Notes from BarcelonaMan:
What's NEW(S) in Barcelona, Spain?

Interested in reading about FC Barcelona's latest soccer/football/fútbol win? Curious about the status of Barcelona's fight for independence from Spain? Are Barcelona human interest stories your thing? Or do you simply yearn for ANY news about what's happening in Barcelona? Below, one can read Barcelona news & Barcelona headlines in Catalán, Spanish, and in English. Anyone with any connection to Spain whatsoever enjoys reading any news about Spain whether it be current events, sporting events and scores, weather, or political discussions. DISCUSS Spain events on the ALL SPAIN Message Board.

The below selection of English and Spanish language news sources - including daily newspapers and magazines online - will keep you up to date with what's happening in Barcelona. Just click the link and you'll be swept away to glorious Barcelona by way of the written word of Barcelona Headlines. Enjoy!

NOTICE: The below links will launch a NEW BROWSER window.

Spain News in English

 Name   Locale  Format  Barcelona & National   Headline news, sports, business, politics 
 El País (.pdf)  National   Daily Newspaper, news, sports, business, features 
 (Free Adobe Acrobat reader required)
 Google News: Spain  National   Headline news, sports, politics, business 
 Yahoo News: Spain  National   Headline news, sports, politics, business, audio, video 
 Expatica Spain  National   Headline News for Spain  
 ThinkSpain News  National   Headline News for Spain and specific regions  

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Spain News in Spanish - "Noticias de España en Español"

 Name   Locale  Format
 La  Vanguardia  Barcelona   Daily Newspaper: Headline news, politics, culture, sports 
 Sport  Barcelona  Daily SPORTS Newspaper, mainly fútbol/football/soccer 
 El  Periódico  Cataluña   Daily Newspaper: Headline news, politics, culture, sports 
 Metro Directo  8 Cities   Free daily newspaper in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, more! 
 20 MINUTOS  BCN+13 Cities   Free daily newspaper in BCN, Madrid, Sevilla, more! 
 Qué!  BCN+11 Cities   Scroll down, left, click "Edición Impresa En PDF" for full-color paper.  
 El País  National   Daily Newspaper, news, sports, business, features 
 ABC  National   Full-featured Daily Newspaper, news, sports, business, features 
 La Estrella  National  Online daily newspaper: Headline news, politics, culture, sports 
 Cinco Dias  National   Daily Business/Finance Newspaper 
 Expansión  National   Daily Business/Finance Newspaper 
 Marca  National  Daily SPORTS Newspaper, mainly fútbol/football/soccer 
 AS  National  Daily SPORTS Newspaper, mainly fútbol/football/soccer 

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