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About Barcelona Restaurants and Catalan Food

Barcelona is known not only for its modernistic architecutre, beaches, and nightlife but also for its delicious food and top-tier restaurants. Catalan cuisine is known worldwide and is quite different from other food in Spain. Many of Barcelona's restaurants are historic landmarks and carefully preserved as their food is painstakingly prepared. Since Catalonia's language is "Catalán", their foods are named differently from Spanish. See the list of most common Catalán foods below as well as a wide variety of Barcelona Restaurants. And if tapas is what you seek, Barcelona has some of the best tapas.

Barcelona Restaurants - Catalan Cuisine

Page information used with permission by NICESTAY

Selection of Restaurants

Looking for a good value "menu del día"? Or splashing out on an intimate dinner? Whatever you want, find out where, when and how: recommendations, reservations, translated menus, the Eating Survival Guide. It's all here on the Restaurants Page.

Catalan Cuisine

A selection of our Catalan colleague's favourites.

Eating survival guide

How to cope with lunch at 3:00pm and dinner after 10:00pm.

A-Z "of eating"

Fancy trying "pies de cerdo" (pig's trotters) or are your tastes less exotic? Our A-Z guide lists popular dishes in Spanish and Catalan with their English translation.

Selection of Barcelona restaurants

El Cafetí

Tipo de cocina: catalana, arroces.

Excelentes arroces y decoración kitsch con muebles antiguos en el corazón del Raval. Local con personalidad propia. Tipo de cocina: Catalana. Arroces. Ayuda para encontrarlo: Cerca de La Rambla a la altura del Liceu. Metro: Liceu (L3).

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone 933292419 
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Sant Rafael 18
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier Ciutat Vella - El Raval
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 30 Euros (precio medio por persona)
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier 12 Euros (menú mediodía, días laborables)

El Cafeti

Los Caracoles (Casa Bofarull)

Tipo de cocina: Catalana.

Lugar con historia y personalidad. Ambiente muy especial. Las paredes están cubiertas de fotografías de famosos dedicadas. Excelente sangría. Cocina de calidad y buen servicio. Por la noche canta la tuna (canciones populares españolas). En la entrada del restaurante se encuentra un grill en el que se asan pollos. Dispone de una barra para tomar algo mientras se espera mesa. Ayuda para encontrarlo: Cerca de la Plaça Reial y La Rambla. Metro: Drassanes (L3).

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone 933012041 
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Escudellers, 14
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier Ciutat Vella - Barri Gòtic
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 40 Euros (precio medio por persona)
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier -- Euros (menú mediodía, días laborables)

Los Caracoles


Tipo de cocina: vasca

Bar de tapas vascas y restaurante en pleno barrio viejo. Buenas tapas, buena comida y buena sidra. Tómese un txakolí (vino blanco vasco) y uno o más pinchos, no se arrepentirá. Ayuda para encontrarlo: Cerca de Via Laietana y de la iglesia de Santa María del Mar. Metro: Jaume I (L4).

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone 933199993 / 902 520 522 
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Argenteria, 62
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier Ciutat Vella - Born
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 40 Euros (precio medio por persona)
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier -- Euros (menú mediodía, días laborables)


Torre d'Altamar

Tipo de cocina: cocina marinera, mediterránea.

Exclusivo restaurante situado en la torre de San Sebastián del teleférico, a 75 metros de altura sobre el mar, con vistas panorámicas sobre el mar y Barcelona.

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 932210007 
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Passeig Joan de Borbó, 88
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier Ciutat Vella - Barceloneta
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 95 Euros (precio medio por persona)
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier 70 Euros (menú mediodía, días laborables)

Torre d'altamar

Restaurante El Consulado s.c.p.

Tipo de cocina: Mediterránea de mercado.

Menú mediodía. Menú para grupos 20?. Excelentes ensaladas, crepes, pizzas y carnes. No se pierdan nuestros postres caseros. Todo ello en un ambiente familiar y la mejor relación precio-calidad. Situado entre Las Ramblas y el Paralelo, y junto al metro Paral.lel.

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone 934419828 
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Nou de la rambla,95
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier El Raval
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 15 Euros (precio medio por persona)
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier 10 Euros (menú mediodía, días laborables)

Restaurante El Consulado

Catalan Cuisine

The variety and originality of Catalan cuisine will be a pleasant surprise to most visitors. I am Catalan and although not a great exponent of the culinary arts, I do love to EAT! In the past I have been suprised by the reaction of foreign friends to dishes which I thought were universal, such as "pan con tomate", which is the way we serve bread here, rubbed with tomato, rather than spread with butter as elsewhere.

Here are some of the main items which characterise Catalan Cuisine:

  Anchoas de L'Escala  
I remember the suprise of a French friend seeing us eat a big sandwich of these anchovies in Cadaqués, in place of the coffee and croissant which she was expecting.
  Arros negre (arroz negro)  
The most famous dish of the Costa Brava, which combines rice, squid, fish, onions, tomatoes, olive oil and the ink from the squid.
  El allioli  
Garlic and oil paste to accompany grilled meat.
  La cava  
A sparkling wine made in the same way as French champagne, produced in the Penedés region close to Barcelona. It is the traditional accompaniment to the special cocas (cakes) eaten on the night of San Juan. But you don't need to wait 'till then try try a glass of cava!
  El chocolate suizo   Super-thick chocolate with cream. It is served in a cup but you'll need a spoon! The specialty of the Carrer Peritxol and the "Granjas Catalanas", milk-bars of Barcelona.
  Fideua   A type of paella made with noodles, it originates from Gandia near Valencia.
  La butifarra   Grilled sausages served with white beans.
  La coca   A cake made with dried fruit or pine nuts, there are many varieties available all year. Perfect for lunch, afternoon tea and for special festivals.
  La crema catalana   Served in an earthenware dish with caramelised sugar on top, like a creme brulée. The British go mad for this Catalan custard.
  La ensaimada   A pastry for breakfast or afternoon tea. The specialty of Mallorca, don't leave the island without one.
  La escalibada  
Made from roasted peppers, aubergines, onions and tomato. The best is my mother's which she makes in winter in the fireplace of the family house at Moià.
  La escudella   Thick soup with meat, ideal at Christmas.
  Las espinacas a la catalana   Spinach cooked with pine nuts and sultanas.
  Las habas a la catalana   Beans cooked with black-pudding (blood sausage), the specialty of my French friend Muriel.
  Los bunuelos   Profiteroles which seem to be full of air but beware...
  Los canelones   Home-made canneloni, the best are from guest-houses in villages.
  Los embutidos  
Charcuterie, especially fuet, butifarra blanca, butifarra catalana and el bull (a type of sausage which my Scottish friend saw in the fridge and mistook for a haggis).
  Los rovellons  
(Autumn), grilled mushrooms with chopped garlic and parsley. The best are those we gather near my friend Isabel's farm-house at Lluçà.
  Mel i mato   Young fresh cheese (the best is from Montserrat) with honey. One of my favourite desserts.
  Pa de pages   Round loaf of bread cooked in a wood-fired oven, ideal for making pan con tomate.
  Postre de músico  
A selection of nuts (normally served with a glass of sweet muscatel). Why "music", well the musicians in the band never had enough time in their meal break to have dessert, so they would put a handful of nuts in their pocket to eat while they were playing.
  Sopa de galets   El caldo, consommé from la escudella (see above) with huge pasta shells.

If Barcelona is to be your first experience of Spain, there are some dishes which are part of the national culture. Don't forget to sample these:

  El jamon curado  
Cured ham, called pernil in Catalan. A plate of finely sliced ham is an experience which can become addictive, as happened to my Scottish friend.
  Las tapas  
A slice of bread topped by something delicious, a small portion on a plate to accompany a glass of wine or a beer, or simply a portion of olives. Something for every taste.
  La tortilla de patatas  
Spanish potato omelette is the national dish par excellence. At dinner time the patios echo to the sound of eggs being beaten in the kitchens.
  La paella  
Best made with rice from the delta of the Ebro. It can be made with fish, meat, or both. The degree of "bite" in the rice is the most important thing.

and always with olive oil, the pride of the nation. ¡Que aproveche! Bon profit! Bon appetit!

Eating survival guide

Be prepared!! In Barcelona your concept of time will change. Midday is at 2:00pm, and the afternoon starts at 5:00pm - after lunch! If you're coming from the UK for a long weekend, for once the time difference works to your advantage. A 6:00pm flight from London Heathrow arriving at 9:15pm will get you into the city at 10:00pm, just as the restaurants are filling up for the first sitting! Turn up any earlier and they'll tell you to come back later when they've opened.

It's 3:15am on a Friday or Saturday night and the streets around the Plaça Real are packed with people. The bars have just closed and the highthawks are moving on to a club or disco. For the more laid-back, just take a stroll along the Ramblas where the kiosks stay open all night!

The Spanish word for afternoon, tarde, also means late... everything is late. My theory? The time shift is essential to accommodate the unique culture of social eating and drinking. Here's how the Barcelonese do it:

Coffee and a croissant in a bar on the way to work. You'll see special offers of "cafe y croissant".
Second breakfast of a coffee or small beer, with a sandwich of jamon (dry cured ham), chorizo (spicy, sliced sausage) or a slice of tortilla española (omelette with potatoes), with pan con tomate (slice of bread rubbed with ripe tomato).
Lunch is the bargain meal of the day. Even the most expensive restaurants offer excellent value "menus del dia" - menus of the day. A good and varied choice of starter (primer plato), main course (secundo plato) followed by coffee or a desert, and including a half bottle of wine.
      Siesta. An afternoon snooze back at the hotel is essential if you are to survive the night ahead. Many shops and businesses close from 2-5pm which makes the siesta possible.
  any time  
A small beer or glass of wine with tapas (snacks served on bread or cocktail sticks), or spectacular pinchos (Basque style tapas) in one of the Basque bars.
  10:00pm   Dinner! With a few exceptions 10:00pm really is the time to eat. This is a substantial meal of hearty portions, meat and a wide variety of fish and shellfish cooked simply.
  12:00pm   The bars are starting to buzz.

... and tomorrow the cycle starts over again.




Page information used with permission by NICESTAY

A - Z "of eating" / Unser A-Z-Führer
a la brasa a la brasa charcoal-grilled / broiled vom Rost
a la graella a la parrilla grilled gegrillt
a la plantxa a la plancha fried gebraten
a la romana a la romana batter dipped & fried in Bierteig frittiert
al'ast al ast spit roasted am Spiess gebraten
ailloli ajoaceite garlic paste Sosse mit Knoblauch und öl
al forn al horno baked or roasted im Ofen gebacken
al gust al ast to taste Je nach Geschmack
al rom al ron with rum mit Rum
albercocs albaricoques apricots Arikosen
albergínies berenjenas aubergine / egg plant Auberginen
all ajo garlic Knoblauch
alls tendres ajos tiernos shoots of young garlic junge Knoblauchtriebe
alvocat aguacate avocado Avokado
amanida ensalada salad Salat
amb nata con nata with cream mit Sahne
amb pisto con pisto with ratatouille Ratatouille
amb tòfones con trufas with truffles Mit Trueffeln
ametlles almendras almonds Mandeln
ànec pato duck Ente
anguiles anguilas eels Aale
angules angulas elvers (baby eels) junge Aale
anques de granota ancas de rana frogs legs Froschschenckel
anxoves anchoas anchovies Sardellen
arrebossat rebozado batter dipped & fried in Bierteig frittiert
arròs arroz rice Reis
arròs amb llet arroz con leche rice pudding Milchreis
assortiment surtido assorted Gemischt
assortit surtido assorted Gemischt
bacallà bacalao salt cod Kabeljau
barrejada barrejada meat stew Fleischeintopf
batut de fruites batido de frutas fruit milk-shake Früchtemilchshake
be (xai, corder) cordero lamb Lamm
becada becada woodcock Schnepfe
bescuit bizcocho biscuit Biskuit
bistec bistec steak Steak
botifarra butifarra pork sausage  Bratwurst
botifarra negra butifarra negra blood sausage  Bratwurst
bou buey beef  Rind
brochette pincho kebab / brochette  Fleischspiess
brou caldo consommé  Klare Fleischbrühe
bullabesa bullabesa bouillabaisse  Fischsuppe
bunyols buñuelos fried batter balls  Span. Ölgebäck
cabrit cabrito kid goat  Zicklein
calamars calamares squid  Tintenfisch
calamarsets chipirones small squid  Tintenfisch
calamarsets amb la tinta chipirones en su tinta small squid in ink  Tintenfisch in seiner Sosse
calçots calçots roasted long spring onions  gegrillte junge Zwiebelsprossen
calent caliente hot  heiss
cama de pierna de leg of  Fuss von
canelons canelones cannelloni  Canneloni
cap cabeza head  Kopf
cap-i-pota cap-i-pota head and foot  Kopf und Fuss
carbassó calabacín courgette / zucchini  Zucchini
cargols caracoles snails Schnecken
carn freda fiambres cold meats Wurstaufschnitt
carxofes alcachofas artichokes Artischocken
ceba cebolla onion Zwiebel
cervellets sesos brains Hirn
cigaló carajillo coffee with liquor Kaffee mit Likör
cigrons garbanzos chick-peas Kichererbs
cireres  cerezas cherries Kirschen
cloïsses almejas clams Muscheln
còctel cóctel cocktail Cocktail
col col cabbage Kohl
col-i-flor coliflor cauliflower Blumenkohl
colomí pichón young pigeon Junge Taube
cols de Brusel.les coles de bruselas brussel sprouts Rosenkohl
congre congrio conger eel Meeraal
conill conejo rabbit Kaninchen
costelles de xai costillas small lamb chops Lammkotlett
cranc cangrejo crab Flusskrebs
cranc (cabra de mar) centollo spider crab Seespinne
créixens berros watercress Kresse
crema catalana crema catalana crème brulée Katalanischer Cremepudding
croquetes croquetas croquettes Kroketten
cuixa muslo drumstick Keule
de bosc silvestres wild Wild
del temps del tiempo of the season nach Saison
déntol dentón dentex fish Zahnbrassen
embotits embutidos charcuterie Wurstaufschnitt
endívies endibias endives / chicory Chicorée
entremesos entremeses hors -d'oeuvres Vorspeise
escalivada escalivada peppers, aubergine, zucchini. Paprika, Auberginen, Zucchini
escamarlans cigalas dublin bay prawns Kronenhummer
escopinyes de gallet berberechos cockles Herzmuschel
escudella barejada escudella barejada Catalan soup with meat Katalan.Suppe mit Fleisch
escumat escalfado poached Verlorene (Eier)
espaguetis espaguetis spaghetti Spaghetti
espàrrecs espárragos asparagus Spargel
espinacs espinacas spinach Spinat
estragó estragón tarragon Estragon
farcit rellenado stuffed Gefuellt
farigola tomillo  thyme Thymian
faves habas broad beans Bohnen
fetge hígado liver Leber
fideuada fideuada paella with vermicelli Paella aus Nudeln
fideus fideos vermicelli Dünne Nudeln
fideus de cabell d'àngel fideos de cabello de ángel fine vermicelli (angel hair) Feine Kürbisnudeln
filet filete fillet Filet
flam flan crème caramel Karamel-Pudding
formatge queso cheese Kaese
fred frío cold kalt
fregit frito fried gebraten
fresc fresco fresh frisch
fruita seca (o ganyips) frutos secos nuts getrocknete Nüsse
fuet fuet salami type sausage Salamiart
fumat ahumado smoked geraeuchert
galets galets shell pasta Kekse
gall dindi pavo turkey Truthahn
galtes galets cheek Bäckchen
gambes gambas prawns Garnele
garotes erizos sea urchins Seeigel
garrí, porcell lechón suckling pig Spanferkel
gaspatxo gaspacho cold tomato soup kalte Tomatensuppe
gelat helado ice cream Eis
gerds frambuesas raspberries Himbeeren
gratinat rallado grated überbacken
guarnició guarnición garnish Beilagen
guatlles codornices quail Wachtel
hamburguesa hamburguesa hamburger Hamburger
herbes hiervas herbs Kräuter
isard gamuza chamois Gemse
julivert perejil parsley Petersilie
lassanya lasaña lasagne Lasagne
llagosta langosta spiny lobster Languste
llamàntol bogavante lobster Hummer
llebre liebre hare Hase
llegums legumbres dried beans Gemüse
llengua lengua tongue Zunge
llenguado lenguado sole Seezunge
llenties lentejas lentils Linsen
llet leche milk Milch
lletó lechal suckling Lämmchen
lletonets menudillos giblets Innerein
llimona limón lemon Zitrone
llobarro (llobina) lubina sea bass Wolfsbarsch
llom lomo pork loin Schweinefleisch
llonganissa longaniza hard cured pork sausage Schlackwurst
llonza, costella chuletas chops Kotlett
lluç merluza hake Seehecht
llucet Pescadilla young hake Weissling
macarrons macarrones macaroni Makkaroni
macedònia macedonia fruit salad Früchtesalat
maduixes fresas strawberries Erdbeeren
magrada granada pomegranate Granatapfel
mandonguilles albóndigas meat-balls Hackfleischbällchen
margallons palmitos palm hearts Palmenherzen
marisc marisco shellfish Meeresfrüchte
marmita marmita casserole Eintopf
mel miel honey Honig
minestra guisado stewed Gemüsesuppe
moll salmonete rojo red mullet Rotbarben
mongetes seques judías blancas white beans / haricot Weisse Bohnen
mongetes tendres judías verdes green beans Grüne Bohnen
mongetes vermelles judías rojas runner beans Rote Bohnen
morralla (reballa) morralla assorted fried small fish kleine gegrillte Fische
musclos muslos mussels Muscheln
nabiu arándano bilberry / blueberry Heidelbeeren
naps nabos turnips Raps
natural natural fresh frisch
navalles navajas razor clams Schwertmuschel
nècora nécora velvet crab Schwimmkrabbe
nero (anfós) mero grouper Grouper
nous nueces nuts getrocknete Nüsse
oca ganso goose Gans
orada (daurada) dorada gilthead / bream Goldbrassen
orella oreja ear Ohr
ostres ostras oysters Austern
ous huevos eggs Eier
paella paella spanish risotto Paella (Reisgericht)
pagell pajel sea bream  
palaia platija flounder Flunder
pastanagues sanahorias carrots Karotten
pastís pastel cake / pastry Kuchen
pastisseria pastelería pastries Konditorei
patates patatas potatoes Kartoffeln
pebre negre pimienta negra black pepper Schwarzer Pfeffer
pebre verd pimienta verde green pepper  
peix pescado fish Fisch
percebes (peus de cabra) percebes barnacles Entenmuschel
perdiu perdiz partridge Rebhuhn
peres peras pears Birnen
pernil del país jamón del país dry cured ham roher Schinken
pernil dolç jamón dulce cooked ham gekochter Schinken
pernil serrà jamón serrano serrano dry cured ham roher Schinken "serrano"
pescadors pescadores fisherman Fischer
pèsols guisantes peas Erbsen
peus pies feet / trotters Fuesse
peus de porc pies de cerdo feet / trotters Fuesse
pijama pijama ice cream, fruit & syrup Eis mit Pfirsich
pilota pelota large meatball Fleischball
pinya piña pineapple Ananas
plàtan plátano banana Banane
pollastre pollo chicken Haehnchen
poma manzana apple Apfel
pomelo pomelo grapefruit Grapefruit
pop pulpo octopus Oktopus
popets pulpitos small octopus Junger Oktopus
porc cerdo pork Schwein
porc senglar verraco boar Wildschwein
porros puerros leeks Lauch
postres de músic postre de músico dried fruit & nuts Getrocknete Nuesse
postres de músic postre de músico dessert of dried fruit & nuts getrocknete nüsse
potes patas feet / trotters Fuesse
préssec melocotón peach Pfirsisch
prunes ciruelas plums Pflaumen
raïm uva grapes Trauben
rajada raya skate / ray Rochen
rap rape monkfish (angler fish) Seeteufel
rascassa (escòrpora o cap-roig) escorpina scorpion fish Skorpionfisch
remenat revuelto scrambled Geruehrt (Ruehreier)
rocafort roquefort roquefort - a blue cheese Roquefort
ronyons riñones kidneys Nieren
rosbif rosbif roast beef Roast Beef
rossellones chirlas venus clams Herzmuschel
rostit asado roasted geröstet
rovell d'ou yema de huevo egg yolk Eidotter
rovelló níscalos mushrooms Champignon
salmó salmón salmon Lachs
salsa salsa sauce Sosse
salsitxes salsichas sausages Wuerstchen
saltat salteado sautéed Leicht angeroestet
sardines sardinas sardines Sardinen
sèmola sémola semolina Griess
síndria sandía watermelon Wassermelone
sípia sepia cuttlefish Tintenfisch
sipiona sepia cuttlefish Tintenfisch
sobrassada sobreassada soft pork sausage Feine Paprikastreichwurst
sopa sopa soup Suppe
suc de taronja zumo de naranja orange juice Orangensaft
tallarines tallarines tagliarini Tallarines
taronja naranja orange Orange
tartuf tartufo truffle ice cream Trueffeleiscreme
tomàquets tomate tomato Tomate
tonyina atún tuna Thunfisch
torrons turrones nougat Nougat
tripes callos tripe Kutteln
truita trucha omelette Omelett
truita de riu trucha de rio trout Forelle
tudó paloma wood pigeon Taube
turbot rodaballo turbot Steinbutt
turmes criadillas fries / testicles Gericht aus Hoden
vedella ternera veal Kalbfleisch
verat ceballa mackerel Makrele
verdura verdura vegetables Gemuese
vichyssoise vichyssoise leek & potato soup Vichysoisse-Sosse
vieires vieiras scallops Jakosbmuscheln
xampinyons champiñones mushrooms Champignon
xanguet chanquete white bait Fritüre aus sardellart.Fisch
xerès jerez sherry Sherry